Whistling in the dark

Curated by Aischa Berg

You whistle in the dark to courageously confront an imaginary incertitude. The sound is extending, resonating out of your body while you try and overcome your doubts in the hope that it will turn out well. However, instead of finding shelter, you are exposed in a maze. You might approach a situation with limited understanding or no awareness of its potential results. You talk about matters although lacking sufficient knowledge of them. What will happen if we decide to face the figments of this uncertainty? The uncertainty of knowing what is real…
Moving through time and space, on a continuous quest … artists from other parts of the world come to reside and work here in Beirut for a couple of months or even years …also those artists born and raised in Lebanon … or those who after years return to the country of their origin. What are their linking forces? Whistling in the Dark opens up a dialogue between some of them and seeks new points of entry to their works.
The exhibited artists investigate and raise questions concerning history and reality.
In this quest, the medium of recording in all its varieties becomes an indispensable asset. Recordings are traces. A sound piece, a videotape and a drawing convey an image of truth. Is a stone also a container of traces,
of time and history?
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Workshop gallery is a new contemporary art exhibition space of 16m2 located in the suburbs of Beirut, platform for emerging Lebanese and international artists.

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  • (2012)

All music is composed by history, by politics and economy. Encoded within the sound are prophetic algorithms compressing the past / the now / tomorrow. Often wrapped in synthetic and virtual - bits of plastic and digital - the materiality of sound is equally as revealing as the sounds themselves. These photographs project diagrams charting these equation, constellations mapping our future.


Joe Namy is a media artist/ composer; often making art that exposes and questions aspects of identity, memory, power, and currents encoded in music/ organized sound. His work has been exhibited/screened/amplified at Ashkal Alwan’s Homeworks, Brooklyn Museum, Beirut Art Center, Detroit Science Center, Queens Museum, and various international dance floors. Some of his projects fall under the platform titled Electric Kahraba, which sporadically operates as an experimental radio program for the historic Clocktower Radio on artonair.org.