Crisis Practice

Curated by Charbel-joseph H. Boutros

Crisis Practice is an exhibition that groups a new generation of Lebanese artists who were born during the war and who have mainly completed their art studies abroad, a crucial remoteness that contributed to their artistic practice.
The aim of this exhibition is to show new trends, practices and attitudes within the Lebanese contemporary art scene that do not represent images of war, but are rather haunted by a buried malaise, reflection of an unstable history. The artworks presented in the exhibition Crisis Practice possess a conceptually autonomous presence that harbours a critical and political approach: a diary of absence, an impossible itinerary..., and an accumulation of preoccupations pervaded by a poetic disorder.


Workshop Gallery is a new 14.3m2 contemporary art exhibition space located in the suburbs of Beirut, a platform for emerging Lebanese and international artists.

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Born With a Golden Spoon

  • 2013
  • gold spoon and concrete powder
  • 19x10x5 (cm)

This utensil, that goes in and out, feeds our ability to exist and determine the expansion of the body as the belly starts to inflate! This status of enlargement can be likened to the state of getting bigger, but nothing can make you go back to the base point; you can’t be flat and exposed anymore. Through feeding, they become more and more "concrete-like"; all they need to do is protect themselves from the others, from the outsiders that can deflate their bellies. Thus, this becomes a shelter where you can no longer reach them; all you can do is run and bounce on this extended body part. The process of solidification helps them protect the golden spoon that will remain in their mouth forever, as they move it, all day long, from right to left.

Pascal Hachem

Pascal Hachem was born in 1979 in Lebanon, where he grew up and pursued his studies. As an artist, Hachem uses conflicts to produce work in Lebanon.

Selected Solo Shows
2013, Beliefs in Self-Deception, Selma Feriani Gallery, London, UK.
2010, in.nate.ness, Federica Schiavo Gallery and Cestia Pyramid, Rome, Italy.
2010, Bring the Boys Back Home, Selma Feriani Gallery, London, UK.
2008, X Wohnungen, performance, The International Istanbul Theatre Festival, Istanbul, Turkey.

Selected Group Shows
2012, Mediterraneo Incontri o Conflitti, Palazzo Gargasole, Lecce, Italy.
2011, Chkoun Ahna, Carthage Contemporary, Tunis. 2009, The Third Eye, Selma
Feriani Gallery, London, UK.
2008, Hopes and Doubts, Fondazione Merz, Turin, Italy.
2008, Hopes and Doubts, Cinema City, Beirut, Lebanon.
2008, A Place I know Well, PROGR, Bern, Switzerland.

The work of Pascal Hachem involves displacing actions. They are real actions, not videos, performed either by the artist himself or by objects that he sets up.
He is inspired by aspects of everyday life in the city, which tend to contextualize his way of thinking so that they influence his work in an unconscious way that he cannot escape. He does not impose any set of rules upon himself, but rather is prompted by nothing but a single impressionable moment, to produce. As a result, he has a varied catalogue of work using various mediums, including his own body and elements and forms of everyday life.

A hammer that slowly destroys a wall in a very rhythmic movement, a t-shirt that is ripped apart by an exceedingly gradual accumulation of sand, or the self-portrait of the artist sitting under a table under a bridge of a highway in Beirut. Through these artworks, Hachem places the viewer in uncomfortable situations that also seem puzzlingly familiar.